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It is interesting to note that according to WHO’s 2013 report; around 15% of world’s population has some type of disability. In contrast, India’s figure of 2.21% indicates that India’s definition of disability is leaving lot of person with disabilities out of its ambit. The problem lies in the fact, the way society has been built to cater to only ‘normal’ circumstances. Most of us ignore these situations in our lives as a temporary phase but for persons with disabilities, these situations are part of everyday life. People with disabilities in their own country are made to feel like strangers. The society is built in such a way that it alienates people with disabilities. It is therefore, not the impairment, but the disabling environment that makes people dependent. With little effort and care, even people with disabilities can lead a life as comfortable and productive as their non-disabled counterparts. This could not be done only by govt sector. Public as well as private sector has to join hands to improve the situation.

Aarohan Welfare Society (Aarohan – Ekichhashakti)

Aarohan welfare society (Regn no. - HR-YNR-2013-00045) was established on 8th Feb 2013 at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, for the welfare of people with various physical disabilities irrespective of age, with a special focus on disabled women and senior citizens. Aarohan – Ekichashakti works in the form of self help group so as to make them self sufficient, accessible, acceptable in society with dignity.


To make differently abled persons and weaker women skilful so that they can contribute to the society and live with dignity.


To enhance the chances of differently abled persons to lead a more wholesome life by making them less dependent and more skilled.

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