Ongoing Projects
  1. Sponsoring students with disability to attain technical education through coaching of entrance examination (sponsored by Ace Tutorials, Chandigarh).
  2. Sponsoring students with disability for coaching of different competitive exams (sponsored by Bull’s Eye, Yamuna Nagar).
  3. Arranging special education tutors (speech therapy, writing skill development etc) (Sponsored by Dept of Human Development, Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar).
  4. Developing life skills to become more helpful for the society (in collaboration with Ministry of Women & Child, Haryana).
  5. Developing Computers skills (sponsored by Dept of Computer Science & Information Technology, Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar).
  6. Developing vocational skills like Cutting,& stitching & Crochet (sponsored by Shivani’s Creations & M/s Suriya Synthetics Ludhiana)
  7. Maintaining database for handicaps.
  8. Maintaining of library – Aarohan Library enriched with competition / general/ story books for children/ 9th to 12th science books etc.
  9. Creating awareness in them for their rights / education benefits.
  10. Creating awareness about various government schemes for differently-abled people.
  11. Finding jobs for them.
  12. Career guidance consultancy for them.
  13. Sensitizing general people regarding difficulties of differently abled persons.

But all this cannot be done without the public support. So now, lets join hands for making their life better.