Detailed Objectives
  1. Helping disabled persons & senior citizens in the form of helping hand, medical equipments and job placements or entrepreneurship.
  2. To make people aware about all schemes / grants offered by the government for senior citizens, women and disabled persons.
  3. Small scale industry schemes for entrepreneurship of disabled persons.
  4. Various skill development programs for empowerments:
    • Computer literacy programs
    • Personality development programs
    • English speaking programs
    • Career counselling
    • Cutting and Stitching
    • Embroidery
    • Knitting
    • Soft skills programs
    • Healthy cooking classes
  5. To make people aware about certain entrepreneur programs to make them financially independent.
  6. Various life skill development programs for making them spiritually / mentally/ physically / emotionally strong: some of the methods are listed below :
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Awareness about alternative therapy
    • Laughter therapy
    • Stress management techniques through theatre and drama
    • Counselling
    • Life skill through various Auto biographies of Great personalities.
    • Life skill through various epics.
  7. Awareness about our traditions and heritage among youth.
  8. Awareness about spirituality index in various religions and philosophies. This will help to increase respect for different religions.
  9. To make people aware of human rights.
  10. To make people aware of their rights and values.
  11. To sensitize people about moral values & spirituality so as to bring peace of mind.
  12. Awareness about healthy food and healthy diets.
  13. Workshops on healthy diet recipes.
  14. Therapeutic diet counselling.
  15. Any other relevant objective.