Empowering Aarohan

The NGO works in the form of a self help group. So Aarohan Welfare Society wants to get empowered not only through donations but by self-help like :

  1. Using their acquired skills for the production of following :
    • • Designer bedcovers & Crochet bedcovers
    • • Crochet duppattas
    • • Carry bags, Tiffin/picnic bags, Jewellery kits etc.
  2. Organizing the following events:
    • • An evening with Punjabi folk Theatre with items like folk dance, folk music, folk drama and folk laughter show etc.
    • • Workshops on “Stress Management through Theatre” for corporate employees.
    • • Workshops for improving “Life Skill Attitudes” for corporate employees.

Your small contribution by purchasing these products or organising such events in your organisation will help in making challenged persons & senior citizens feel valuable to society as well.

Major Collaborations with:

  1. Ministry of Child & Women, Haryana.
  2. Bull’s Eye ( 50% discount for coaching of competition exams)
  3. Ace Tutorial, Chandigarh ( free coaching for medical & engineering entrance exams)
  4. Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar
  5. CSR partners – M/s MS Support Services Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon
  6. Shivani’s Creations, Gurgaon
  7. Surya Synthetic , Ludhiana, Punjab
  8. Sanjha Radio , FM chennal, Yamuna Nagar (For advertisements).
  9. Goral Technology Pvt. Ltd., Yamuna Nagar (For website development & maintenance).

Voluntary helping hands:

  1. Ms Yukti - Physiotherapist
  2. Dr. Rajneesh Mehta – Sachdeva hospital
  3. Dr Gandhi - Acupressure Therapist
  4. Mrs Surjeet - Crochet Instructor
  5. Mrs Rekha – Computer Instructor
  6. Ms Ravinder – Graphic Instructor
  7. Ms Mini – Computer Instructor

But all this cannot be done without the public support. Let us all join hands for making their life better.

Medical aids- for reuse purpose

Medical equipments / toys/ learning aids/ wheelchairs/ prams etc can be donated for reusing them. As children grow, these become unusable for them after some time. So please donate these items to Aarohan so that they can be distributed to the needy persons.