Aarohan Welfare Society

Aarohan welfare society (Regn no. - HR-YNR-2013-00045) was established in 2013 at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, for the welfare of people with various physical disabilities irrespective of age or gender, with a special focus on differently-abled women and senior citizens.

Based on the United Nations’ estimate that about 10% of the world population has some kind of disability, (WHO estimates for 6%), there are about 120 million people with disabilities in India. According to Indian government’s estimates, only 2% of these are educated and 1% employed. Yet, no great effort is being made to give a better world to such people. There are hardly any support services such as affordable and accessible health facilities, rehabilitation, counselling, self-help groups, etc. in the community for persons with disabilities. And situation is even worse for the women & senior citizens.

Aarohan – Ek ichchashakti has been trying to put a bit of effort in this field. Aarohan welfare society works for such people, to make them self-sufficient, accessible & acceptable in society with dignity.

The motto of the NGO is to make differently-abled persons and weaker women skilful so that they can also contribute to the society and live with dignity. To achieve our motto, we are already conducting various skill based workshops like Fundamental Computer, Cutting, Stitching, Crochet and life-skill management workshops. We also provide career counselling & tutors for children with special needs.

About Board members

Aarohan Welfare Society is situated in the heart of city. Birth of Aarohan was conceived by Dr Ritu , now its President, who herself is an orthopedically disabled person and thus, understands the needs of differently-abled persons very well.

Aarohan Welfare society is run by all passionate ladies only. The president, Dr Ritu Soni is working as an associate professor of Computer Sc., at Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamuna Nagar since 1989. Her vast experience as a teacher, researcher, motivator, social worker, association with Rotrary Club, has helped in conceiving the idea of establishing Aarohan – Ek ichhashakti. Being herself differently-abled, she understands the requirements and effort needed in this field. She is acting as a role-model for such persons. Other team members consist of a Dental Doctor (whose daughter is differently abled), a Bank Manager ( again disabled), Mrs Usha ( senior citizen full of life and a motivator), Mrs Bharti , Mrs Ashpinder – very dedicated teachers, Mrs Vidya Bali – an Eminent Painter…..

About Yamunanagar

Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana situated on the banks of river Yamuna., with a total population of 1214205. It is bounded by the state of Himachal Pradesh (Nahan, Ponta Sahib) in the north, by the state of Uttar Pradesh (Saharanpur) in the east, Kurukshetra in the south west and by Ambala district in the west. It is an important industrial town having metal, utensil and plywood industries. Large industries like Shri Gopal Paper Mills and Saraswati Sugar Mills (biggest Sugar mill in Asia), ISGEC – Boiler manufacturing, are also located here. Yamuna Nagar is well connected by road (NH73) & railways. Nearest airport is Chandigarh (100 km). it is interesting to note that the ancient river Saraswati originates in the lower hills of Shivalik Ranges situated in Yamuna Nagar district only.